Grow on a bike (English)

Steve Potticary, CEO Lionheart Fitness®

Steve Potticary

Steve is certified personal trainer, sports therapist, personal life fitness coach, specialist trainer for psychological consulting, social coaching and business consulting, instructor for Oxygen Advantage, masseur and cycling instructor.

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Thanks to an intensive and extensive wealth of experience, over many years, working in varying situations, motivating, and coaching clients to new levels of self awareness and potential, Steve has developed a very personable and intuitive approach to personal development and Life Fitness. In addition to a comprehensive formal education, including Psychotherapy, through which Lionheart Vision Minding came into being, as a framework and foundation for his coaching, Steve’s own personal story is compelling enough to induce reflection and growth.

Kathrin Loer, Cycling Instructor Lionheart Fitness®

Kathrin Loer

Kathrin is Cycling instructor (ICG® Pro Level, Certified A-Level-Instructor) with many years of experience in several sports (Marathon, Functional Fitness, Cycling). Kathrin holds a PhD in Social Sciences and works full-time as a professor for political science

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Kathrin specialised in behavioural public policies (behavioural insights, nudging). Kathrin has a vast experience in the field of self-management, self-leadership and developed many techniques over the years for productive daily routines in order to balance out all mental activities, professional challenges and physical training in a healthy way.

Our approach

We all face lots of challenges in all spheres of life every day. We need energy, creativity, resilience and strength to perform in the best way possible. 

Grow on a bike – our program gives you techniques to grow your own way. Our program helps you finding your way to high performance and at the same time provides you with resources to achieve this performance in a healthy way. This is our idea of resilience by finding your path to stable and healthy growth and self-awareness. On this weekend you will start to develop your strategies which help you to reduce the stress level, to stimulate creativity, to keep your energy level high and to constantly replenish your resources in an effective way.

Discover your path on a bike – Experience your own growth in a multiple sense. To cycle in the way we do gives you the opportunity to experience all that is important: You will feel strength and power, deep relaxation, connect your body and your mind and find a place (directly and metaphorically) that you will always be able to come back to.

What is included?

  • 4 training classes (outdoor cycling, individual cycling bike and equipment for the whole weekend, rain protection)
  • 4 mindful sessions (relaxation, breathing, meditation)
  • 6 hours coaching (your choice: English or German)
  • several options for networking.
  • prerequisites and follow-up tools and material.
  • all transfers between venue and hotel

You will …

…raise and improve self-awareness on how to balance out mental and physical fitness

… know how to improve your fitness and agility 

… learn how to improve your mindset

… learn how to manage anxiety and stress

… gain clarity about your ways to growth and stability

… improve your techniques to set goals and priorities

… rest, reset and restore

Who is it for?

Executives, scientists, business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes – anyone feeling stressed, stuck, being excited to find ways for a change and improvement. Anyone with the willingness to invest in self. Anyone enjoying physical activity and exploring ways to connect mind and body. Participants should regularly follow some sort of physical activity, sports or fitness training.

When, where and how?


Saturday, 16.10.20, 09.00h – Sunday, 18.10.20, 18.00h


Saturday, 05.12.20, 09.00h – Sunday, 06.12.20, 18.00h


ICO – Osnabrück *

Languages: English/German 

Costs: 480,00 Euro (limited offer)

* maximum standards for COVID-19-prevention

We invite you to spend two days and discover your path to grow on a bike –

and to take this home as an approach to a healthy path

Steve Potticary and Kathrin Loer

Contact us to get more information … or to register for „Grow on a bike“

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